Dt. Ayşe ÖZGÜL

Hello everyone! My name is Ayşe Orhan Özgül. I was born in 1979 in Istanbul. Due to my father’s being a police officer, I lived in many cities of Turkey and during this period, I completed my primary school, secondary school and list education in many different schools. I won the faculty of dentistry at Cumhuriyet University in 1996 and successfully completed my university education in 2001. After completing my education, I had the chance to run my own clinic for 1 year between 2002 and 2003 and it was a tremendous experience for me. Then I stepped into a 7-year career in a private hospital and worked at Private Tekden Hospital until 2010. Until 2020, I had the chance to serve in several different clinics. Since 2020, I have been serving foreign patients in the field of aesthetic dentistry in Antalya.

Health, Art, Function

Dentistry is a profession that is really my passion and I am very happy to work in my field. I always evaluate aesthetic dentistry under 3 main headings; health, art and function.First and foremost, I consider aesthetic dentistry to be an art form. It is a unique and wonderful profession, much like painting or creating music. Each tooth is a work of art since every patient has a different mouth and jaw anatomy. At the same time, another issue that I care about the most is function. Of course, beauty is an indispensable detail, but function should not be overlooked. I always make sure that the teeth I make are as useful as they are beautiful.I think it is an important detail in the profession. I always take care as much as possible to make teeth for my patients that they can use even years after the operation and that they will not have any problems.Finally, health is the most important thing for us humans, and on the basis of everything, I want my patients not to have health problems as much as I relieve their aesthetic concerns. I think that a healthy body comes from a healthy mouth. In fact, it is one of the most important details that I have always paid attention to, and I have served faithfully to these 3 main headings throughout the years I worked as a health and dentistry and I believe that they are very important.

I attended trainings in smile design and aesthetic methods.

I obtained training in smile design, soft tissue training, and aesthetic methods after I graduated from college. In addition, I attended various implant treatment courses and performed implant applications using autogenous and synthetic grafts. At the same time, I made open and closed sinus lift applications. Throughout my dentistry career, I have been making dentures on top of all on 4, all on 6 implant fixations, and I have always focused on improving myself in my field.

I try to practice the Dentistry Profession knowing that it is a discipline that combines both medicine and art.

I believe that satisfying the expectations and aesthetic perceptions of our patients is an art and I try to perform this art in the best way possible. At the same time, with the developing technologies, we now offer our patients incredible opportunities in aesthetics. For me, every mouth I make is a work of art. Of course, what we want in this process is to make teeth that will be both useful and aesthetic by satisfying our patient.Together with my staff, I make our patients happy, and we’ll keep doing that.