Dt. Mete AKSOY

Hello everyone, I’m Mete Aksoy! I was born in 1961 in Istanbul. After spending the early years of my childhood in Istanbul, I moved to Izmir with my family. I completed my high school and university education in Izmir. I graduated from Ege University, one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey, in 1986. I served in a private clinic between 1987-2000 and always focused on improving myself in my profession, which I love to do. Between 2000-2018, I served at Hatay Osmaniye State Hospital. In this process, I focused on surgical operations such as implant surgery, sinus lift, bone augmentations. I have worked to bring myself to the best possible level in my field with many educational congresses and symposiums. During this process, I was registered with the Dentists Association of the city I was in, and in addition, I am one of the members who took an active role in the Turkish Dentists Association.

I had a lot of education to advance in my profession.

The first congress I attended was Meffert Implant training. At the same time, I successfully obtained my Mutlu Dental Zimmer certificate in 2006. In this process, I realized my interest in surgical operations and realized that I wanted to develop myself more in this field. Then I attended the International Oral Implants Congress in 2010, it was a very good experience for me. At the same time, I took part in many local symposiums and congresses and actively participated in seminars and congresses in Çukurova and Adana. At the same time, I organized seminars for university students in the field of surgery from which I graduated, and I also received a lot of training in terms of integrating current technologies into dental surgery. It was a very good experience for me to participate in such beautiful events at the university I graduated from. I took part in the events organized by the Aegean Region Chamber of Dentistry congresses every year and took part in many seminars and congresses that I have not added yet. In addition, I attended Derma Visage Mesotherapy, Botox and Derma filler courses in 2020. At the same time, I was active in the field of aesthetics that I was interested in. Currently, in my clinic in Antalya, in addition to dental surgery and aesthetic dental operations, me and my team also perform some aesthetic interventions.

In my professional career, I have achieved a lot of achievement.

After completing my education in 1987 and entering the business life, I had many successes.First of all, I actively engaged in several private clinics and hospitals as well as in courses that would assist in continuing my learning.n 2018, I opened my own clinic in Hatay and started to serve actively there. In my own clinic, I tried to be as helpful as possible to my own physicians as well. But unfortunately, after the earthquake that affected our country, I decided to close my clinic and move to Antalya with my family.In Antalya, I reopened my own clinic and began treating patients from other countries. We are devotedly serving and practicing our profession in Antalya under the name Smile Designs, together with our fantastic staff and experience that we have gathered over this entire process. I firmly think that nothing in life is based on chance or coincidence, and that those who work hard are always rewarded for it. In order to give you, our patients, the most incredible experience, my staff and I constantly strive for excellence. Looking back, I realized that my commitment to self-improvement and work ethic were my greatest accomplishments.

For Me, Surgical Operations Represent A Separate Passion.

As a dentist, my passion for surgical operations includes understanding and solving complex situations. Different techniques are used in surgical interventions such as implant placement, tooth extraction, bone grafts and other similar procedures. These procedures are very, very important to restore the quality of life and oral functions of my patients. I always attribute my professional success in surgical operations to my personalization of the treatment process and to the diagnosis of the most appropriate treatment for the patient. Relationships between the patient and the surgeon are crucial during surgery. I think it’s also a part of our job to ensure the patient feels secure and at ease.

Today, with the advances and technological developments in surgical dental operations, actually working in this field has become an even more exciting journey for me. Being constantly open to new and up-to-date information leads to success for young dental candidates. With the thought that surgical dental operations and dentistry are a passion; It is a real source of happiness for me to work for my patients to regain their health and be happy with a beautiful smile. I want to make it clear that we share this passion both personally and on behalf of my team.