Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry known as maxillofacial surgery in our country and is generally used in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders in the teeth, jaw and face. This specialty, which should be applied especially from an early age, provides protection of oral, jaw and dental health. In particular, aesthetic and functional problems that may arise due to the jaw structure in the teeth are prevented. Orthodontic problems should be referred to specialists as early as possible. The treatment of problems in this area becomes much more difficult at later ages.

What is Orthodontics?

Let us look at what orthodontics is and exactly which treatments it includes. It is the branch deailing with jaw and dental disorders and related problems. From early childhood, children may have some problems especially in jaw development. This speciality is applied to correct these problems. It also prevents orthodontic disorders from causing different problems in the future. Crowded and crooked teeth as well as irregularities that prevent closing are corrected especially with orthodontic treatments. Orthodontic treatments are performed by people who receive orthodontic speciality training for 4 years in addition to dentistry education and have the title of orthodontist.

Why Should Orthodontic Treatment be Applied?

Majority of patients apply to Antalya Smile Designs for orthodontic treatments due to aesthetic concerns. However, orthodontic problems actually cause many more problems beyond aesthetic concerns. Especially dental crowding causes many aesthetic problems. Due to Malocclusion, a jaw-closing problem, aesthetically bad appearance is in question. Speech and chewing problems arise as well. Apart from this, orthodontic treatments should also be requested for the following reasons:

  • It is much more difficult to maintain oral hygiene in individuals with crowded teeth. Therefore, tooth decay is more common for those who have such problems.
  • Due to orthodontic problems, not enough pressure is applied to the joint bones. This causes some functions not to be completely fulfilled.
  • In children with a more prominent upper jaw, there is a risk of further damage. It is the damage caused by blows received when this problem is not corrected.

With the orthodontic treatments, aesthetic problems and negative conditions are corrected. Thus, function of the oral and dental structure are recovered. For more information and booking an appointment, please contact Antalya Smile Designs.