Restorative Dental Treatments

Restorative Dental Treatments

Restorative Dental Treatments are applied to correct the tissue losses that occur due to decay. For this purpose, different treatments such as filling, inlay and onlay are performed. You can choose restorative treatments for dental tissue loss and the prevention of further loss. They are treatments applied to restore both aesthetic appearance and functions of the teeth.

What is Restorative Dental Treatment?

A restorative dental treatment is a set of treatments applied to treat caries and non-carious material losses occurring in the hard tissue of the tooth. Filling applications come at the beginning of these treatments. With filling applications, dental tissue losses are repaired and basically more tissue loss is prevented. In this respect, both visual improvement and actually protective treatment applications are also performed.

What are the Types of Restorative Treatment?

Restorative treatment types vary depending on the extent of decay in the hard tissues of the teeth. Since different treatments can be applied to repair these tissues, the types of treatment also vary accordingly. The most important and effective treatment types are as follows:


Filling is applied to complete tooth loss caused by tooth decay and to restore the volume of tooth tissue. Basically, the purpose of restorative treatments is to clean the decay and other problems that occur in the teeth and to apply appropriate filling material instead.

Restorative Treatments: Inlay and Onlay

Inlay and Onlay are porcelain fillings applied for more advanced tooth decays. Porcelain filling is applied to the areas cleared of caries. Due to its structure, a one-to-one harmony with the tooth’s own tissue is provided. Standard fillings are generally preferred for minor damage. They are not suitable for more intense damage. Inlay and Onlay porcelain filling process is preferred for more intense damages.

Filling application type to be used is determined according to the condition of the tooth. If there is damage on any surface of the teeth, Inlay filling application is performed. In case of damage on both sides and upper part, onlay filling application is performed. With restorative treatments applied at Antalya Smile Designs, the damage to the teeth is eliminated. Aesthetic appearance of teeth is recovered.