Normal Removable Dentures

Hareketli Protezler

Normal Removable Dentures are an extremely important treatment procedure. It is preferred and applied in permanent tooth loss. In case of permanent tooth loss, people need an artificial tooth for their chewing functions. It is called denture. Patients’ decreased life quality due to tooth loss are relieved by dentures. Normal removable dentures can also be […]

Fixed Removable Dentures


Fixed removable dentures are one of the most unusual treatments. As known, removable dentures can be removed and worn by people whenever they want. They are mobile dentures that are used in case fixed dentures cannot be made. It is applied if there is no or insufficient tooth root in the mouth. Tooth root is […]

Laminate Veneers


Laminate Veneer is one of the most preferred applications among dental veneers and prosthetic methods. These veneers are necessary for the teeth to look aesthetically beautiful and healthy. This material, also known as leaf porcelain, is very suitable for the natural structure of the tooth in terms of appearance. Therefore, after the treatment, the teeth […]

Metal-based Dentures


Metal-based dentures are one of the prosthetic procedures applied in tooth loss. These dentures, also referred to as dental crowns, have various advantages and disadvantages. These dentures, successfully applied for many years and a solution to permanent tooth loss, are not preferred much compared to materials such as laminate and zirconia. However, in some cases, […]



Zirconia dentures are the most preferred product for coating teeth and prosthetic applications in recent years. It is highly preferred due to the many important advantages it provides to patients. The most suitable coating product, especially for traumas and caries occurring in the anterior teeth, is natural and aesthetic looking products such as zirconia. With […]

Invisalign Treatment


The treatment with transparent aligners is an orthodontic treatment for the correction of tooth deformities and crowded appearance. After the Invisalign Treatment at Antalya Smile Designs, which is also known as wire-free dental treatment, crowded, crooked and misaligned teeth are corrected; thus; the disturbing wire appearance is prevented. Many orthodontic problems are also corrected with […]

Treatment with Dental Braces


Treatment with dental braces is the most important treatment performed in orthodontics. It provides the correction of misalignments of the teeth. Thanks to these treatments, generally used for aesthetic purposes, teeth misalignments are eliminated. Wire braces are the most commonly used method especially for the correction of crowded teeth. As a result, it is ensured […]

Crowded Teeth Treatment


Crowded teeth (dental crowding) treatment are applications that patients mostly apply with aesthetic concerns. Especially crowded anterior teeth look aesthetically bad. They may cause some problems between the mouth and lips. There are extremely important and effective methods preferred for the correction of these teeth. With these treatments, the crowded teeth are straightened and a […]

Amputation Treatment


Deciduous teeth are temporarily present before permanent teeth in children. Amputation Treatment is a procedure applied to protect them. Protection of deciduous teeth is extremely important. These teeth fall out when the time comes. They are replaced by permanent teeth that will be used for a lifetime. To ensure permanent teeth health, deciduous teeth must […]

Root Canal Treatment


It is a preferred treatment for decayed and infected teeth to prevent decay from increasing and tooth loss. Prevention of tooth loss is one of the most important issues in oral and dental health medicine. Both doctors and patients want to avoid tooth loss whenever possible. For this purpose, important and effective methods such as […]